For sale

CPM 3V steel. Desert ironwood burl, fire resin, black and red g10 liners and pins. $395. Plus shipping for more information and purchasing, or ordering.

46 thoughts on “For sale

  1. I’m looking for some knuckles and Knives and Hatchets I would like them all with Sheaths. I would like to know what you have for sale, there prices, and how to pay? Also do you take pay pal credit?

  2. Hi,

    I’m curious if you have or are taking orders on the set of knuckle guards you have on your main page. Maybe color options? Let me know your availability. Thanks!

  3. Hey manman, are you stocked up on knucks or any small neck Knives? Email me info please and any pics of the pieces you have to sell. 👊 thanks

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