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9 thoughts on “Contact / Ordering

  1. awesome work! this is one site I will pass on !

  2. Awesome work.. I’ve been collecting tactical weapons for a couple years now.. Heckler & Koch firearms, Emerson knives, TOPS knives and I saw your latest creation on Facebook..
    I’m very interested in acquiring one of your fine pieces of art.. Namely a tactical style machete like that black 22 inch bladed one with the carbon handle.. very cool.. I’m think
    Please let me know if you make any more .. Thanks very much and have a great day !!

  3. How much are the mcknuckles with the honey comb looking grip and the holster?

    1. Hello Tyler. Sending you an email

  4. I am interested in your McKnuckles and the holster, how can I get pricing info and styles available?

    1. Hey Alex, email incoming.

  5. Hey looking for info on the knuckles…. Thnx

    1. It’s coming to your email. Thanks!

  6. would love one of your push daggers … What do I need to do to start the process and what is your turn around time ? happy New year !

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